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Supreme Organic Chinese Fujian Bai Lin Gongfu Black Tea 50g / Tin

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Specification: ● Origin: Fujian , China ● Tea Type: Loose Black Tea ● Net Weight : 50g / Tin ● Grade:...
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● Origin: Fujian , China
● Tea Type: Loose Black Tea
● Net Weight : 50g / Tin
● Grade: Supreme ★★★★☆
● Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature( Below -10C);
About Bai Lin Black Tea
Bailin Gongfu is One of the three Famous Chinese Fujian black tea.Its pure handmade art and special, excellent production quality, enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad, with mastery in county "the time", vegetation distribution "politics and work" as "fujian red three congou" famous Chinese and foreign.While Bai Lin congou production techniques is the center of the initiative time black tea process, and also an important factor in buds raw material to the production of finished product, and inheritance, unique charm, is extremely valuable in the history of fuding non-material cultural heritage.
In the 1850 s, fujian tea merchants living in Bai Lin for collection and distribution center, set date acquisition, are exported to the sea, Bailin Gongfu began popular from that time.
This tea can help gastrointestinal digestion, promote appetite, diuresis, eliminate edema, and strong myocardial function. 
Preheat teaware before brewing this black tea.
Scoop 1 spoon of Bailin Gongfu black tea (about 3-5g) and threw into Glass Tea Cup (or Gai Wan) about 150-200 ml. Pour into the teapot (or Gaiwan) with the hot water(80–90 °C ), will cover the lid, the aroma and taste of tea can be fully released in hot water.Leaves small soaking about 2 to 5 minutes, when the tea leaves blooming, and sink into the bottom of tea ware and then serve.
Normally pour away the 1st steep , and drinking from the 2nd steep. it's better to drink over all this tea in 30-60 minutes.
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