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Variant Handmade Yunnan Blooming Herbal Buds Ball Blossom Craft Flower Tea

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● Origin: Fujian, China
● Tea Type:Herbal / Flower Bud
● Net Weight: 8g /0.28 oz (1 piece)
● Expired Date: 18 Months
● Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated;
● Tea Leaf: Blooming
Notice :
Please use 100% 100 dgree C boiled water to make sure the flower can blooming as best performance as you want. Non-boiled water is useless.
How are the Blooms made?
Each tea bloom is individually hand-crafted. Premium whole tea leaves are gathered around beautiful, natural flowers and expertly hand tied by talented tea artisans. They are then wrapped in cotton cloth and dried into their individual shapes. No two look exactly alike.
Steeping Instructions
Boil water in a separate tea kettle and let stand for just a few seconds. Place 1 tea bloom into a clear tea pot or large clear mug and add the water. The tea leaves and flower blooms will open in approximately 3-7 minutes. If you find that your tea blooms are opening up very slowly, it may be that you water is not hot enough. Use very hot to boiling water for best results. As you pour off and drink the tea, gently refill the pot with hot water to make many ounces of tea. You can refill the pot several times (3-4) at one sitting. We do not recommend saving the used bloom to re-steep the next day.
Often pieces of the tea leaves and bits of the flowers will break off and float in the tea. For that reason, we include a coiled metal strainer in the spout of each of our tea pots. It is, however, perfectly okay to ingest the tea leaves and flowers pieces.
It is not unusual for the tea blooms to initially float when the water is added. As the tea leaves absorb the water the blooms should settle into the bottom of your pot.

Can I reuse a tea bloom more than once?

You can gently add hot water to the tea bloom over and over to make many ounces of tea. Some people keep a pot on their desk and keep adding hot water to enjoy the tea for many hours. We do not recommend saving the tea bloom to reuse the next day.
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