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Lu An Gua Pian Tea -Lu'an Melon Seed

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Lu An Gua Pian Essential

  • Harvest: 2022
  • Origin: Lu'an, Anhui, China
  • Caffeine : < 50mg/Cup
  • Grade: Supreme ★★★★☆
  • Brew Ratio: 1:50
  • Expired Date: 18 Months
  • Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature;  

1. What is Lu An Gua Pian tea?

Lu An Gua Pian tea is a type of green tea that is produced in the Lu'an Province of China. It is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and has a light, refreshing flavor and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

2. How is Lu An Gua Pian tea typically consumed?

Most Lu An Gua Pian tea is consumed in the traditional Chinese way of enjoying green teas by simply using hot water to brew the tea leaves. It can also be steamed and then dried, which will change its texture and appearance for use as a snack food (similar to how popcorn is made).

3. What does Lu An Gua Pian tea look like?

Lu'an Guapian (LGP) is a lightweight and loose-leafed green tea that has very small needle-like leaves with serrated edges; their length can vary from 1cm to 3cm. When steeped, the color of the resulting tea liquor ranges from light-greenish yellow to dark olive green depending on brewing time and the quantity of leaves used.

The dry leaves are light olive green with a purple hue and have an oily shine to them. They are twisted and thin with a long tail, and the buds are small and round. LGP tea has a natural sweetness and a fresh vegetal taste that is the slightly sweet aftertaste. The tea is refreshing and has a light mouthfeel.

4. What are the health benefits of Lu An Gua Pian tea?

Some of the potential health benefits of drinking Lu An Gua Pian tea include improved mental clarity, reduced stress levels, decreased inflammation, and better cardiovascular health. Additionally, this tea is also high in antioxidants, which can help protect the body from free radical damage.

5. How to make a cup of Lu An Gua Pian Tea?

Here is a basic recipe for making a cup of Lu An Gua Pian Tea:

-Bring fresh, cold water to a rolling boil.

-Place 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea leaves into a teapot or teacup.

-Pour the boiling water over the tea leaves.

- Steep for 1-2 minutes.


You can also adjust the strength of your tea by increasing or decreasing the amount of tea leaves you use. For a stronger brew, steep for longer periods of time.

6. Side effects of Lu An Gua Pian tea

There are no known side effects of drinking Lu An Gua Pian tea. However, as with any type of tea, it is always best to consult with a healthcare professional before starting to drink it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, those who are taking medications or have any health conditions should speak with a doctor before consuming Lu An Gua Pian tea.

7. How much Lu An Gua Pian tea should I drink per day?

There is no specific dosage guideline for Lu An Gua Pian Tea. However, it is generally recommended that beginners start by drinking 1-2 cups per day and then gradually increase the amount as needed. Those wishing to enjoy the full potential health benefits of this tea may want to drink up to 3-4 cups per day.

8. Tips for brewing the perfect cup of Lu An Gua Pian tea

-Keep in mind that each tea leaf can produce 2 cups of tea, so use 1-2 teaspoons per cup.

-Use filtered or spring water. Fresh cold water is key to making good tea. If your tap water tastes bad, use bottled water instead.

-Boil the water before using it to brew the tea leaves.

-Allow the tea leaves to steep for 1-2 minutes for the perfect cup of tea.

-If you prefer a stronger brew, let the leaves steep for a longer period of time. For a weaker brew, use fewer tea leaves.


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