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Premium Organic Kai Hua Long Ding Fresh Bud Dragon Peak Top Grade Green Tea

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Specification: ● Origin: Kaihua, Zhejiang,China ● Tea Type: Loose Green Tea ( Tribute Tea in Qing Dynasty). ● Grade : Premium...
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● Origin: Kaihua, Zhejiang,China
● Tea Type: Loose Green Tea ( Tribute Tea in Qing Dynasty).
● Grade : Premium ★★★★☆
● Expired Date: 18 Months
● Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature;

About Kaihua Long Ding Green Tea  

Kaihua Long Ding tea produced in zhejiang kaihua JiXi township baiyun mountain.The tea picking Yu Qingming, gu yu, selection is growing strong robust on the topmost one bud leaf or one bud two Ye Chu exhibition as raw material.Filming for the civilized craft dragon tea making points, rolling, baking, bedding, drying process.Civilized dragon tea famous tea in China.In 1985 in zhejiang province famous tea competitions, won the famous tea honorary certificate issued by the food industry association, the same year was rated as one of China's national famous tea.

kaihua Long Ding tea is to choose the mountain for tea tree growth robust one bud leaf or one bud two Ye Weixian leaf raw material, by the traditional craft refined but become.With tight straight appearance and without nano silver green, high tastes fragrant lasting, GanShuang, apricot, green, clear, fresh and pure YunJi into a unique style that is more "dry brown green, Shang Shuiqing green, bright green leaves" of the "three green" features, is the beauty of high quality green brew, is a "special skill" qianjiang source.

The characteristic of Kaihua Long Ding is, tight straight MiaoXiu appearance, wearing a silver hair,Civilized dragon teaGreen emerald green color and aroma lofty lasting, accompanied by orchid fragrance, taste glycol fresh, looked pale green clear, tender leaves together into one;

Brew Guide 

Scoop 1 teaspoon Kai Hua Long Ding green tea (About 3-5g) into Tea Cup (or Gai Wan) about 150ml. Pour boiling water and brewing about 2~3 minutes then serve. 
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