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Mengding Ganlu


Supreme Heavy Aroma Jasmine Meng Ding Gan Lu Green Tea* Mo Li Ganlu

Specification: ● Origin:  Sichuan, China ● Tea Type:  Jasmine Green Tea  ● Tea Style : Crimp with white fur & Jasmine Flower . Heavy...
GREEN TEA Jasmine Green Tea Mengding Ganlu
from $13.99

Luxury Organic Handmade Sichuan Mengding Orchid Queen Aroma Silver Bud Green Tea

Specification: ● Origin: Mengding Mountain, Sichuan, China ● Tea Type: Green Tea ● Grade : Nonpareil  ★★★★★ ● Expired Date : 12 Months  ●...
GREEN TEA Mengding Ganlu
from $24.99

Nonpareil Early Spring Mengding Ganlu Meng Ding Dew Green Tea

Specification: ● Origin: Sichuan, China ● Tea Feature: Slightly green and Mirco- fur with each bud.  ● Grade : Nonpareil ★★★★★ ● Storage Conditions:...
GREEN TEA Mengding Ganlu
from $15.99
Mengding Ganlu

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