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Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

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Hsinchu, Taiwan, China
Grade Supreme ★★★★☆
Type Loose Oolong Tea
Fermentation  Semi-Fermented (60%)
Tea Leaves white green yellow red-brown color alternate, bright and lovely
Net Weight 250g / 500g
Soup Deep amber color, rich and sweet on the palate, with ripe fruit and honey aromas
Expired Date 36 Months
Storage Condition

The shelf life of Oolong tea is generally 24 to 36 months.
Small bag of Oolong tea: only need to use the unopened small bag, with tin packed, placed on the tea table, bookshelf.
Bulk oolong tea: need to use an aluminum foil bag to encapsulate it, and take vacuum measures, if not available, try to squeeze out excess air. Then seal the bag tightly, and finally put it into a tin or porcelain pot, cover it well, and place it in a cool, dry, odor-free, sun-proof place, such as a bookshelf or a tea table.
Storage temperature: below 25℃. Relative humidity: below 50%.

What Is Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea? 

Oriental Beauty oolong tea is a unique famous tea in the Taiwan region, also known as Puangfeng tea, and also known as Baekho oolong tea because of its prominent tea bud. It is the tea with the highest degree of fermentation in the semi-fermented green tea. The fermentation degree is generally 60%, and some are as high as 75-85%, so it will not produce any green smell and is neither bitter nor astringent. The main producing areas are Hsinchu and Miaoli in Taiwan. In recent years, Pinglin and Shianchi in Taipei are also emerging producing areas. The origin of the name "Oriental beauty tea", it is said that the British tea merchant dedicated tea to Queen Victoria, with the yellow clear color and mellow sweet taste, so that she was full of praise, given the name "Oriental beauty tea".

What Are The Health Benefits Of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea?

1, Improve listening

Oriental beauty tea has the functions of beautification, detoxification, constipation, anti-chemical activity, eliminating reactive oxygen molecules in cells, and so on. Middle-aged and old people often Oriental beauty tea helps to keep hearing.

2, Weight loss

Compared with black tea and green tea, Oriental beauty tea can accelerate the increase of body heat production faster, promote fat burning and reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

3, Reduce blood lipid

Drinking Oriental beauty tea can also reduce blood viscosity, prevent red blood cell agglomeration, increase blood fluidity and improve microcirculation.

4, Anti-aging

Oriental beauty tea and vitamin E have the same anti-aging effect. On the condition of daily intake of adequate vitamin C, drinking Oriental Beauty tea can maintain a higher level of vitamin C in the blood.

    How To Make Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea?

    Hot brewing method:

    First, put 5 grams of oriental beauty tea into the tea set, and then pour the boiled water, which is 1/3 of the capacity of the teapot, into the tea to warm the tea.

    The best boiling water is natural mountain spring water. After 30 seconds of warm tea, drain the water from the teapot, and then pour in the boiled water to let the tea slowly roll and stretch in the boiling water, and wait for about 1 minute then serve.

    Notice: Choose the heat transfer, heat dissipation fast bubbler, porcelain pot is better. The water temperature should not be too high, 80-90℃ is appropriate.

    Cold brewing method:

    Put 4 grams of oriental beauty tea leaves and soak in 600 ml water at room temperature, refrigerated for 6-8 hours then drink.

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