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500g Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea - Eight Immortals

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Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, Guangdong, China
Grade Supreme ★★★★☆
Type Loose Oolong Tea
Fermentation  Semi-Fermented
Tea Leaves Black and a little bit thick, with some yellow leaves
Net Weight 500g 1.1lb
Expired Date 18 Months
Storage Condition Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature

What Is Tie Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea? 

Phoenix Dancong is a kind of oolong tea, it is also semi-fermented tea, which retains the aroma of tea well, and because of the environment and tree species, and processing technology, the tea has a characteristic called "mountain charm", which is more attractive. 

Dancong tea is a very famous tea, its full name is Phoenix Dancong, people generally shortened it to Dancong for convenience. For regular tea drinkers, Dancong is a kind of tea with good quality and taste. It is mainly produced in the Chaozhou area. Phoenix Dancong tea is a kind of Guangdong Oolong tea, which is semi-fermented. It is rope-like in shape, relatively robust, but uniform overall, with a yellow-brown color and a lasting fragrance. The tea soup brewed is generally bright yellow, with a strong and mellow taste and a sweet aftertaste.

The Process Of Phoenix Dancong Tea

Dancong tea is a kind of tea tree selected from phoenix narcissus, which is cultivated, picked, and processed. Due to the differences in aroma and taste of the tea, the local custom divides Dancong tea into Zhi Orchid, Osmanthus, Yulan, Almond, Cinnamon, Ginger Flower, Jasmine, Honey Orchid, Huangzhi, Grapefruit, Eight Immortals.


"Eight Immortals Tea" (also known as "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea"), a fine single tea variety of natural orchid flavor, is one of the Top 10 Phoenix Dancong tea flavors. As the eight tea trees thrive in different places, the tree shapes are different, just like "eight immortals crossing the sea, each showing his magic powers", so it was named "eight immortals crossing the Sea", later referred to as "eight immortals".
Aroma: sharp and durable, with a natural fragrance of orchid flowers, and the smell of old mountain bushes is strong;
Soup color: golden yellow clear bright, resistant to brewing;

Taste: unique charm, mellow fresh cool, pure, cool, sweet, obvious production, strong back to the sweet.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Phoenix Dancong Tea?

 Phoenix Dancong tea contains more than 450 kinds of organic chemical components and more than 40 kinds of inorganic mineral elements. The caffeine content in tea is very high, accounting for about 40%. When caffeine is absorbed by the body, it can stimulate the central nervous system, wake up the brain, aid thinking, speed up blood circulation, activate muscles and meat, and contact fatigue.

1. Tender skin: it is said that Chaoshan women are tender as water, which has a great relationship with Phoenix Dancong tea. This tea is rich in chemical ingredients, and is a natural bodybuilding drink, while drinking this tea often, can help to keep the skin smooth white tender, delay the appearance of facial wrinkles and reduce wrinkles.

2. Loss of weight: When drinking a cup of Dacnong after a meal. It can prevent fat accumulation, stimulate the central nervous system, stimulate gastric juice secretes and food digestion, and have an effect on reducing weight.

3. Reduce cancer incidence and improve cancer status. Dancong Tea contains tea polyphenols, which can effectively prevent the synthesis of certain carcinogens, such as sulfite, which can have a damaging effect on cancer cells.

4. Exciting. Caffeine can work in stimulating the cortex of the brain, excitement, fatigue, and is well suited to those who normally work hard.

5. Protect your teeth. Tea contains high fluorine content, which has a good protective effect, delaying the loss of calcium in teeth, keeping the oral cavity clean, and inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria.

    How To Make Phoenix Dancong Oolong Tea?

    The proper teaware for brewing Phoenix Dancong tea is Gai Wan or Purple Clay (Zisha) Teapot.


    1. Brewing water: natural mineral water is preferred, also can use pure water, or tap water

    2. the amount of Eight Immortals Dancong tea: about 5~8g. 

    3. Teaware: high-quality thin porcelain Gai Wan or purple sand pot. 

    4. water temperature:95-100 degrees, continuous boiling water.

    Recommended brewing time

    The 1st brewing is usually tea washing (scrape off the floating foam with the lid), do not drink.

    1-6th steep, brewing 3~5 seconds

    7-12th steep, brewing 5~10 seconds

    13-20th steep, brewing 10~20 seconds

    - Pouring tea soup from a high position can make tea under the agitation of the water, full infiltration, in favor of color, fragrance, and the taste of the full play.
    - Low serving to teacups. It is to minimize spillover of tea and aroma and to keep the tea warm without any noise or foam. 

    - In the process of low pouring, try to drain the tea soup in the cup, so that the capacity, color, and shade of the tea soup in the cup are consistent. 

    The best practices for making tea

    1. It is best to use a Gai Wan cover to roll so that the tea soup can circle. 

    2. Every time 100% pour out the tea soup after brewing, prevent leaving any residual tea.

    3. Do not leave any residual tea soup in the dispenser cup either, divide it or throw it away and do not mix it with the next steeping tea soup. 

    4. Tea can not soak for a long time to avoid bitterness.

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