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Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea

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Jiayi, Taiwan, China
Grade Supreme ★★★★☆
Type Loose Oolong Tea
Fermentation  Semi-Fermented
Tea Leaves Tight and neat, the tea leaves curl into beads
Net Weight 250g / 500g
Aroma Light aroma of milk and flowers
Expired Date 36 Months
Storage Condition

The shelf life of Oolong tea is generally 24 to 36 months.
Small bag of Oolong tea: only need to use the unopened small bag, with tin packed, placed on the tea table, bookshelf.
Bulk oolong tea: need to use an aluminum foil bag to encapsulate it, and take vacuum measures, if not available, try to squeeze out excess air. Then seal the bag tightly, and finally put it into a tin or porcelain pot, cover it well, and place it in a cool, dry, odor-free, sun-proof place, such as a bookshelf or a tea table.
Storage temperature: below 25℃. Relative humidity: below 50%.

What Is Tie Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea? 

Jin Xuan oolong tea is one of the famous teas of Taiwan, is a new variety cultivated in Taiwan, modified from Tainong 8 and other oolong species, commonly known as Taiwan Tea 12 (Er Qi Zai “二七仔”). It is also a broad oolong tea, also known as "Jin Xuan Oolong".
"Jin Xuan" tea is a common species in Taiwan teas. Jin This tea has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. So the Taiwan tea area has grown commonly, The tea leaves are large elliptic (these round), tea has green luster, color Jin Xuan mostly made qing scent of tea, Its milk flavor is often accompanied by the rise of altitude and more simple and natural. Among which Ali Mountain Jin Xuan is the most famous!

Why Jin Xuan Oolong Tea Has Milk Aroma?

Is it natural or processed? Why will Jinxuan have milk fragrance but other varieties are not?
Jin Xuan Oolong tea has a subtle fragrance of vegetable milk, which is not flavored. Because it is an improved variety, it has this special aroma.

What are the health benefits of Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea?

  • Moisturize skin and throat, promote fluid and relieve fever
  • Reduce fat and lose weight, and promote metabolism
  • Reduce blood fat, reduce cholesterol, prevent liver fat accumulation 
  • Improve digestion

    How To Make Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea?

    Cold brewing method:
    Step 1. Preparation: Jin Xuan tea, cold water (or mineral water), plastic bottles or water bottles, and other containers.

    Step 2. Take 1500cc cold water and pour 1/5 of Jinxuan tea into the refrigerator.
    Any container can be used to facilitate the pouring of tea soup and tea.

    Step 3. After about 4~5 hours, you can pour it out and drink it. It tastes sweet and delicious.

    Step 4. After drinking, please refrigerate immediately. The tea will not ferment for about 4~5 days.

    Step 5. Please finish the drinking in 2 hours once leave the refrigerator.

    Hot brewing method:
    Step 1. Preparation: Jinxuan tea leaves, Gaiwan.

    Step 2. Put about 5~8g of tea leaves in the Gaiwan. You can add or subtract as you like.

    Step 3. Pour 100℃ boiling water into the pot, cover the lid, then immediately pour out the tea. This step is called "washing tea".

    Step 4. Pour boiled water again and steep for about 30 seconds (1st ~3rd steep). Increase each soaking time by 10-20 seconds from 4th steep.

    Notice: It can be continuously brewed more than 5 times. It is recommended to use a clay tea set (such as a purple sand pot) for better flavor.

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