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1.2L Pure Raw Cast Iron No-Coating Teapot Kettle with Infuser

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This is a 1.2-liter pure cast iron teapot with no coating, which makes it very durable and easy to clean. The handle of the teapot is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. It comes with an infuser that allows you to steep your tea leaves in the water without using bags or filters. If you enjoy drinking loose leaf tea but don’t want all the hassle of straining out the leaves then this is definitely for you!
● Material: Raw Cast Iron
● Volume: 1.2L / 40oz.
● Height (With Lid) : 100mm /  3.94 inch 
● Max. Height (with Handle ) : 200mm / 7.87 inch
● Top Diameter: 100mm / 3.94 inch
● Max. Diameter(with Spout) : 180mm / 7.08 inch
● Net Weight:  3.6 lb / 1.65 Kg 
● Feature : No coating. Health for boiling water to brew teas (especially for Pu-erh). 

What's the benefit of brew tea using Iron Teapot?

Cast iron teapots and kettles are the most ancient forms of cookware, dating back to at least 500 BC. They're durable because they can withstand high temperatures without being damaged by them; tea lovers love this material for its non-toxic properties which make it safe in both food preparation as well as serving/sipping areas while still retaining heat well enough so that you don't have an icky brew on your hands when transferring hot liquid from one container into another!

If you're looking for a unique and colorful teapot, then cast iron is a perfect choice. Unlike traditional ceramic pots that have been around since before recorded history began (and are still made today), this type of material can be used in creating patterns with ease while also taking on its original shape when not being manipulated by human hands - which means there's no limit to what design possibilities exist! The only thing stopping someone from buying one would probably be their lack of imagination or creativity

The beauty about these vessels lies within how diverse each pattern may turn out given enough time; basically, anything goes so long as colors match up well too.
Package Include
● 1 x 1.2L Pure Raw Cast Iron No-Coating Teapot
● 1 x  Lid Clip
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