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Aged 300g Organic Fuding Huang Jin Ye Golden Leaf Wild White Tea Cake

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● Origin: Fujian, China
● Tea Type: White Tea Cake (Golden Leaf * Huang Jin Ye)
● Grade: Supreme ★★★★☆
● Expired Date: 36 Months
● Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature( Below -10C);
About Gloden Leaf White Tea Cake
White tea that is produced from naturally withered upper leaf and tips, with a stronger flavor reminiscent of lighter oolong teas. It is mostly grown in the Fujian Province or Guangxi Province in China.
This is a white tea cake type which used high level leaves and compressed. Since selected leaf always shown as yellow color to identify the high quality, so this tea also called "Golden Leaf" or called as Chinese "Huang Jin Ye).


It is best prepared with water below boiling (at around 75 to 80 degrees Celsius or 167 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit) and produces a slightly viscous glittering pale yellow color with evidence of floating white hairs that reflect light. Up to 5 minutes per brew, and the volume of tea to be used can be higher.
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Chinese Tea Culture

Tea plays an important role in China. It is commonly consumed at social events, and many cultures have created intricate formal ceremonies for these events. Afternoon tea is a British custom with widespread appeal. Tea ceremonies, with their roots in the Chinese tea culture, differ among East Asian countries, such as the Japanese or Korean versions. Tea may differ widely in preparation, such as in Tibet, where the beverage is commonly brewed with salt and butter. Tea may be drunk in small private gatherings (tea parties) or in public (tea houses designed for social interaction).

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