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250g Xi Hu Brand Early Spring Dragon Well West Lake Long Jing Green Tea

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● Brand : Xihu (Chinese Famous Brand)
● Origin: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
● Tea Type: Loose Green Tea
● Grade : Supreme ★★★★☆

● Net weight : 250g 
● Package : Well Packed with craft paper;
● Storage Conditions:Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature;


About West Lake Long Jing Green Tea

Xihu (West Lake) Longjing is an example of the very standard convention of naming; the Xi Hu (West Lake) is a place where this particular Longjing is grown. This Longjing, also known as West Lake Longjing, is a China Famous Tea—in fact the most famous one—and is grown in the Zhejiang Province near Xihu, or West Lake. It is grown in a designated area of 168 square kilometers. Historically, Xihu Longjing tea was divided into four sub-regions: Lion (Shi), Dragon (Long), Cloud (Yun) and Tiger (Hu). As the distinction between the sub-regions blurred over the years, this categorization has now been adjusted to Shifeng Longjing, Meijiawu Longjing, with the remaining known collectively as Xihu Longjing.
There are various definitions of Longjing; however a common definition is that authentic Longjing at least has to come from the Zhejiang province in China .with the most conservative definition restrict the type to the various villages and plantations in the West Lake area in Hangzhou.It can also be defined as any tea grown within the Xihu district. A large majority of Longjing tea on the market however is actually not from Hangzhou. Many of these inauthentic longjing teas are produced in provinces such as Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, and Guangdong. 
Brewing Guide
Scoop 1 spoon of Long Jing green tea (About 3-5g) and threw into Herbal Tea Cup (or Gai Wan) about 150-200ml. Pour boiling water and brewing about 3~5 minutes then serve.
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The Tea Bridge

Chinese Tea Culture

Tea plays an important role in China. It is commonly consumed at social events, and many cultures have created intricate formal ceremonies for these events. Afternoon tea is a British custom with widespread appeal. Tea ceremonies, with their roots in the Chinese tea culture, differ among East Asian countries, such as the Japanese or Korean versions. Tea may differ widely in preparation, such as in Tibet, where the beverage is commonly brewed with salt and butter. Tea may be drunk in small private gatherings (tea parties) or in public (tea houses designed for social interaction).


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