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357g 2008 Yunnan Lao Ban Zhang Raw Pu-erh Cake Tea

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What does "three climbs"(三爬) mean? 

"Three climbs" is actually a person's name. This man was the former head of Banzhang village.

This former head had set up the Lao Ban Zhang village tea checkpoint.

Those who have been to Lao Ban Zhang village know that on the day the Lao Ban Zhang tea mining began, there are tea checkpoints next to the road into the village, with old Ban Zhang villagers on duty 24 hours, in turn, the purpose is not to let the fresh leaves from the village into the old Ban Zhang village. Even semi-finished sun-dried tea cannot enter Lao Ban Zhang village, even if you have just bought the semi-finished sun-dried tea from Lao Ban Zhang village, once out of the checkpoint, you cannot bring it back to the village.

This rule is "three climbs" when the village chief formulated down and has been in use up to now.



Chinese Name



Banzhang village, Brown Mountain in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province


Tea Season Spring
Type Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake
Fermentation  Non-Fermented 
Caffeine Level Very Low;  <2mg/100ml soup (1/10 of Green Tea)
Net Weight 357g
Steeping Temperature

100°C  ( 212°F )

Steeping Time

To active the tea's aroma, it is necessary to warm tea, i.e., pour out the boiled water immediately for the first time, which can have 1-2 times. The speed must be quick so that the taste of the tea soup can be prevented from being influenced. While really starting, about 1 minute the tea soup can be poured into the public cup, and then continue the second. With more times, the time can be prolonged slowly, from 1 minute to a few minutes gradually, which can keep the even density of tea soup.

Ratio (Leaves: Water)

About 1:30~1:50

7~8g leaves for 180~250ml water in Gai Wan/Yingxing Teapot

Teapot Recommendation

Yixing Zisha Teapot or 200~250ml Gai Wan / Glass Teapot

Expired Date No Expired date. Long-term in Storage condition.
Storage Condition
  1. Not exposed to direct sunlight, or rain.
  2. Clean environment.Well-ventilated.
  3. Cool and dry ventilation without other miscellaneous odor.

Recommend to use a Puer Cake Box for storage after each drinking.
Storage temperature: below 25℃. 

Relative humidity: below 50%.

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