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50g 1.76oz Organic Premium Dried Rose Flower Bud Rosebud Herbal Tea

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Specification: ● Origin: Shandong, China ● Tea Type: Herbal / Tisane / Rose bud ● Net Weight: 50g /1.76 oz ●...
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● Origin: Shandong, China
● Tea Type: Herbal / Tisane / Rose bud
● Net Weight: 50g /1.76 oz
● Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated;
The Dried Rose Buds is a kind of Chinese traditional tea, which is made from fresh rose buds and green tea leaves. Dried Rose Buds Tea can reduce internal heat, promote the blood circulation, raise colour, beauty, and eliminate fatigue, healing, protect the liver, gastrointestinal function drink also helps to promote metabolism.
To prepare the tea, rose buds are steeped in boiling water in either a teapot, cup, or glass; often rock sugar is also added, and occasionally also sugar or honey. The resulting drink is transparent and ranges from pale to light brown in color, with a floral aroma.
Once a pot of rose buds tea has been drunk, hot water is typically added again to the flowers in the pot (producing a tea that is slightly less strong); this process is often repeated several times.
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The Tea Bridge

Chinese Tea Culture

Tea plays an important role in China. It is commonly consumed at social events, and many cultures have created intricate formal ceremonies for these events. Afternoon tea is a British custom with widespread appeal. Tea ceremonies, with their roots in the Chinese tea culture, differ among East Asian countries, such as the Japanese or Korean versions. Tea may differ widely in preparation, such as in Tibet, where the beverage is commonly brewed with salt and butter. Tea may be drunk in small private gatherings (tea parties) or in public (tea houses designed for social interaction).

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