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9978 Yunnan Lao Tong Zhi Ripe Pu-erh Cake Tea

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9978 Lao Tong Zhi Pu-er ripe cake tea used the formula from Mr. Zhou Bing Liang who is a specialist in the Puer industry.
It was made by a moderate fermentation process. The tea cake is round and neat, and the cake surface is black and oily.
Tea cake on the back of the cable clear, golden buds highlights, uniform pressing, appropriate tightness.

Chinese Name



Laotongzhi (Old Comrade)


Menghai, Yunnan, China


Tea Season Spring
Type Ripe Pu-erh Tea Cake
Fermentation Full-Fermented 
Caffeine Level Very Low;  <1~2mg/100ml soup (1/10 of Green Tea)
Net Weight 357g (12oz.)
Steeping Temperature

90-100°C  ( 194-212°F )

Steeping Time

1st Rinse - 15s (wash tea, no drinking)

2nd/3rd Rinse - 5~10s

4th/5th/6th Rinse - 10~15s

Ratio (Leaves: Water)

About 1:30~1:40

5~6g leaves for 150~180ml water in Gai Wan/Yingxing Teapot

Teapot Recommendation

Yixing Zisha Teapot or 200~250ml Gai Wan / Glass Teapot

Expired Date No Expired date. Long-term in Storage condition.
Storage Condition
  1. Not exposed to direct sunlight, or rain.
  2. Clean environment.Well-ventilated.
  3. Cool and dry ventilation without other miscellaneous odor.

Recommend to use a Puer Cake Box for storage after each drinking.
Storage temperature: below 25℃. 

Relative humidity: below 50%.

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