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Anxi Tie Guan Yin

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Anxi County, Fujian, China
Grade Nonpareil ★★★★★
Type Loose Oolong Tea
Soup Dark yellow, brown with aroma
Fermentation  Semi-Fermented
Net Weight 100g 3.5oz / 250g 8.8oz / 500g 1.1lb
Expired Date 18 Months
Storage Condition Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature

What Is Tie Guan Yin Tea? 

Tie Guan Yin (Ti ě guān yīn 铁观音) tea is a traditional Chinese famous tea, belonging to oolong tea. It is produced in Anxi County, Fujian Province, and is one of the Top 10 famous teas in China. Tieguanyin tea is a kind of oolong tea, which is between green tea and black tea and it's semi-fermented.

Tieguanyin was discovered between 1723 and 1735. "Tie Guanyin" is not only the name of tea but also the name of the tea plant. After roasting, cooling, and sealing, tie guan yin tea leaves are stored in special silos and cellars to promote subsequent maturation.

Oolong tea can be produced in South Fujian, north Fujian, Guangdong, and Taiwan. Fujian has the longest production history, the largest output, and the best quality of Oolong tea, especially Anxi Tieguanyin tea and Wuyi Rock tea.

In general, tieguanyin is green, and the aged tieguanyin is black and glossy, and quite brew-resistant. It is refined by using superior Anxi Tieguanyin and traditional wood carbon baking technology after a long time. And it must be re-baked every one or two years; Each time the tea master will bake in carbon melting mode for 30-60 hours, And then packaged and stored in the Wa Fou("瓦缶").

Tieguanyin brews with natural orchid fragrance, pure and strong taste, lasting aroma, and is known as "Lingering fragrance after 7 steeps". The tea leaves are dull in color, and the liquor is dark yellow, brown, or reddish-brown. It tastes mild and slightly sweet after brewing.

What Are The Health Benefits of Tie Guan Yin Tea?

Tieguanyin contains high amino acids, vitamins, minerals, tea polyphenols, and alkaloids, with a variety of nutrition and medicinal ingredients, it can offer health care functions.
Long-term drinking tieguanyin tea can fight age, prevent and cure diabetes, lose weight, prevent and cure dental caries, clear heat and reduce fire, sober and other effects. In addition, there is the effect of lowering blood pressure, reducing fat, and helping digestion.

    How To Make Tie Guan Yin Tea?

    The proper teaware for brewing Tieguanyin tea is Gai Wan or Purple Clay (Zisha) Teapot.

    Step 1. Preheat the Gai Wan or Zisha Teapot with boiled water. Wash the teaware inside and outside, and must be heated thoroughly.
    Step 2. Scoop 1 teaspoon of Dahongpao tea leaves for about 1/3 volume (5~10g) of Gai Wan and put them in.
    Step 3. Pour boiled water with a temperature is about 90~95℃ into the teaware. 
    Step 4. Pour out the water after steeping for 10~20 seconds. Then add hot water again. 
    Step 5. Drink from 2nd steep. Brewing time is about 30 seconds.

    1. Do not steep more than 30 seconds for each brewing. After 3 times, each brewing time can reduce to 20 seconds.
    2. The whole brewing is about 6~7 times.
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