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BAISHAXI Hunan Anhua Golden Flower Fu Zhuan Assorted Brick Black Tea Hei Cha

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● Origin: Hunan, China
● Tea Type: Dark Cha ( Hei Cha,  Hunan Black Tea)
● Feature: Chop free. can brewing with each small brick directly. 
● Weight : 40g for each box.  Fu Zhuan + Hua Zhuan + Hei Zhuan 3 boxes is one pack.
● Expired Date: 10 Years. Longer storage time with more fragance. 
● Storage Conditions: Clean, Dry, No Strange Smell , Lucifuge. 


Black tea (or Dark Tea) is one kind of Chinese famous tea series,and it major produced from Hunan province.It's a speical type of fermented tea. The typical Hei Cha normally include, Hei Zhuan, Fu Zhuan and Hua Zhuan. For Fu Zhuan, people normally check the golden flower inside the brick to determine the quality. Golden flower is the best modifier inside Fu zhuan which can bring the speical fragrance.BASHAXI is the famous brand of Hunan Black tea and located in Anhua. It was funded in 1939 and also the stardard establisher of Hei Cha Black Tea. BAISHAXI also called Chinese Dark Tea Symbolic Brand. 

Brew Guide

Take out 1 piece of dark tea (About 8~10g ) and put into boiling water within the teapot , suggest to use ceramic teapot and keep stewing for about 3~5 minutes. Ratio between tea and water is about 1:60~100.  If brew without teapot, must used 100C water to brew and steep for 5~10 minutes then serve. 
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