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Dianhong - Golden Snail

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Yunnan, China
Type Yunnan Dianhong Black tea
Grade Supreme ★★★★☆
Leaves Curled like a snail,well-stacked.
Soup Golden bright
Aroma Honey Aromatic
Fermentation Full Fermented
Net Weight 100g 3.5oz / 250g 8.8oz / 500g 1.1lb
Expired Date 24 Months
Storage Condition
  • Pack the bag with aluminum or kraft paper bag and seal the mouth of the bag, and then put it into an airtight and dry container, such as tin cans, tin cans, etc., and finally store it in a cool and dry environment, without storing it in the refrigerator. 
  • Temperature: below 25℃, relative humidity: below 50%

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What Is Dianhong Black Tea?

 Dianhong Golden Snail is the king of Dianhong black tea. It was during the Republic of China that tea farmers of the Han nationality made this kind of tea.  Produced in Yunnan Province, China, the production can be used to have excellent Yunnan large-leaf tea tree fresh leaves, the first withering, rolling or kneading cut, fermentation, baking, and other processes into tea.

This type of Dianhong was successfully created by Mr. Feng Shaoqiu, a tea expert, from the autumn of 1938 to the autumn of 1941 in Fengqing, Yunnan province, where he repeatedly studied and improved the technology due to historical circumstances. 

Dianhong Gold Snail is a spiral-shaped curly black tea of Dianhong. It is the raw material of picking a single bud, one bud and one leaf, and one bud and two leaves, etc. It is made by the biluochun technique. Its taste is pure, thick, and soft, and it is more full than traditional tea.  

Who are suitable for drinking Dianhong Golden Snail?

  • Patients with high blood lipid  
  • People with low resistance  
  • The elderly and numbness of limbs  
  • Female, cold and weak physique

How To Make Dianhong Golden Snail Tea?

Step 1. Pick up 3~5g Dianhong Black tea and threw it into ceramic Gai Wan.
Step 2. Preheat the Gai Wan with boiled water.
Step 3. Pour about 100~120ml water at a temperature of about 85–90°C from the wall edge of Gai Wan.
Step 4. Brewing for about 2-4 minutes.
Step 5. Normally pour away the 1st steep, and drink from the 2nd steep. Add more steeping time from 3rd steep, up to 10 steeps for whole brewing.
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