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Feng Brand Classical 58 Yunnan Dianhong

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Yunnan, China
Brand Feng <Phoenix>
Type Yunnan Dianhong Black tea
Grade Nonpareil ★★★★★ Top 1 Grade
Leaves Slender tight straight, dark color
Soup Golden bright
Fermentation Full Fermented
Net Weight 380g/Box
Expired Date 36 Months
Storage Condition
  • Put it into an airtight and dry container, such as tin cans, tin cans, etc., and finally store it in a cool and dry environment, without storing it in the refrigerator.
  • Temperature: below 25℃, relative humidity: below 50%

About Feng Brand Black Tea

Feng brand black tea is representative of Yunnan black tea.  Phoenix brand red broken tea phoenix city in Yunnan large leaf tea fresh bud leaf as raw material, adopt the scientific method, water extract is as high as 40%, its shape particles tight knot, body weight, bone color to make, the golden circle is outstanding, fragrant, taste fresh, its outstanding quality, highly appreciated by the tea industry experts both at home and abroad.

A brief introduction of Feng Brand black tea Company 

Feng brand belongs to Yunnan Dianhong Group Co., LTD., founded in 1939, is a Chinese time-honored brand and a famous trademark in Yunnan Province. It is a private joint-stock tea enterprise integrating planting, production, processing, scientific research, and sales.  

Yunnan Dian-Hong Group Co., LTD. (Dianhong Group for short) is the birthplace of The famous Chinese tea "Dian-Hong".  Its predecessor was "Shunning Experimental Tea Factory" founded by Mr. Feng Shaoqiu in 1939. In 1954, it was changed to "Yunnan Fengqing Tea Factory" along with the name of the county. In 1996, it was reformed into "Yunnan Dianhong Group Co., LTD.".  Dianhong Group is a famous tea manufacturer with a history of nearly 100 years, located in Fengqing County, Yunnan Province.  

Why call Classic 58 Black Tea?

Yunnan Dianhong Group produces a special formula of Dianhong tea, which uses different varieties of tea green to mix and ferment. The earliest technology was formed in 1958, so it is called Classic 58. 

What Is Dianhong Black Tea?

 Yunnan black tea referred to as Dianhong, is a black tea class. It was created by han tea farmers in the Republic of China. Produced in the south and southwest of Yunnan Province, Lincang, Baoshan, Fengqing, Xishuangbanna, Dehong, and other places. It is formed by blending big leaf red broken tea, and the finalized products include leaf tea, broken tea, slice tea, and final tea in 4 categories and 11 colors. Its appearance has specific specifications, the body is heavy and solid, and the color is even. After brewing, the liquor is red and bright, the golden circle is prominent, the aroma is fresh and cool, the taste is strong and stimulating, and the red at the bottom of the leaf is even and bright. With milk, there is still a strong tea taste, which is brown, pink, or turmeric, and it is characterized by strong, strong, and fresh. The production uses the fine Yunnan tea tree fresh leaves, the first withering, rolling, or kneading cut, fermentation, baking, and other processes into tea.

Who Are Suitable For Drinking Dianhong Black Tea?

  • Patients with high blood lipid  
  • People with low resistance  
  • The elderly and numbness of limbs  
  • Female, cold and weak physique

How To Make Dianhong Black Tea?

Step 1. Preheat the Gai Wan with boiled water.2 times is preferred.
Step 2. Pick up 3~5g Dianhong Black tea and threw it into ceramic Gai Wan.
Step 3. Pour about 100~120ml water at a temperature of about 85–90°C from the wall edge of Gai Wan.
Step 4. Brewing for about 2-4 minutes.
Step 5. Normally pour away the 1st steep, and drink from the 2nd steep. Add more steeping time from 3rd steep.
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