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Jasmine Assorted Dianhong

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Sichuan, China
Type Jasmine Assorted Dianhong Black Tea
Grade Supreme ★★★★☆
Net Weight 100g 3.5oz / 250g 8.8oz / 500g 1.1lb
Expired Date 18 Months
Storage Condition Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature

What Is Jasmine Assorted Dianhong Black Tea?

This is a unique Dianhong black tea which diverse with Jasmine. So the elderly Dianhong blended with Jasmine perfume makes a unique flavor. This tea is brew resistant and can brew approximately 6~8 steeps.
Dianhong tea is a kind of quite an excessive quit connoisseur Chinese black tea occasionally utilized in diverse tea blends and grown in Yunnan Province, China. The fundamental distinction between Dianhong and different Chinese black teas is the quantity of first-class leaf buds, or "golden tips," gift withinside the dried tea. Dianhong teas produce a brew this is brassy golden orange in shade with a candy, mild aroma, and no astringency. Cheaper styles of Dianhong produce a darker brownish brew that may be very bitter.
Teas grown in Yunnan previous to the Han dynasty (206BCE – 220 CE) had been commonly produced in a compressed shape comparable to trendy Pu-erh tea. Dian hong is a quite new product from Yunnan that commenced manufacturing withinside the early twentieth century. The phrase diān (滇) is the last call for the Yunnan area even as hóng means "pink (tea)"; as such, those teas are occasionally sincerely known as Yunnan pink or Yunnan black. However, such references are regularly complicated because of the opposite styles of teas produced in Yunnan.
Yunnan Pure Gold, Considered an exceptional kind of Dian hong tea. It includes the best golden tips, that are generally protected in first-class hairs. When considered from a distance, the dried tea seems shiny orange in shade. The tea liquor is shiny pink in shade and reveals a mild aroma and a candy taste. The leaves are reddish-brown after being brewed. Classified in Orange pekoe grading from TGFOP to SFTGFOP.

How To Make Assorted Dianhong Black Tea?

Step 1. Scoop 1 spoon of Jasmine Dianhong Black tea (About 3-6g) and threw it into Glass Tea Cup (or Gai Wan) about 150-200ml.
Step 2. Water should be at least 80 C (176 F) but not 100% boiling.
Step 3. Steep the tea for 3~5 minutes then serve.
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