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Keemun Aroma Snail Black Tea

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Anhui, China
Type Keemun Aroma Snail Black Tea
Grade Top 1 Grade ★★★★★ 
Net Weight 50g 1.76oz / 100g 3.5oz / 250g 8.8oz / 500g 1.1lb
Expired Date 18 Months
Storage Condition Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature

What Is Keemun Snail Black Tea?

Keemun is produced exclusively in the Qimen County of the Huangshan City, in Anhui province. The name of the tea is an older Western spelling of the name of the nearby town, Qimen (pronounced "Chee-men"). The tea-growing region lies between the Yellow Mountains and the Yangtze River. The cultivar used for Keemun is the same as that used in the production of Huangshan Maofeng. While the latter is an old, well-known variety of green tea, Keemun was first produced in 1875 using techniques adapted from Fujian province farmers.

Keemun Aroma Snail is one kind of Keemun Black tea, it not only has a high content of thearubigins but also with high content of calcium which can leverage human inner equilibrium. And also has benefits for reducing blood pressure.

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How To Make Keemun Aroma Snail Black Tea?

We recommend using Gaiwan to make Keemun snail tea.

Step 1. Scoop 1 teaspoon of Keemun Snail Black tea (About 2-3g) and threw it into Gai Wan. It's better to preheat the Gai Wan with boiled water 2 times.

Step 2. Pour water (80–85 °C ) with 150-200ml. Pour away the 1st steep, it's called "Xi Cha" which means active the tea leaves with more aroma.

Step 3. Pour water again and Brew for about 3-5 minutes then serve. It's better to drink overall this tea in 30-60 minutes.  

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