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Nonpareil Taiping Houkui

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Essential Harvest : 2021 Origin: Taiping County,Huangshan,Anhui, China Caffeine : 30~40mg / Cup (~200ml 7oz) - Very Low Caffeined Tea Leaves :...
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  • Harvest : 2021
  • Origin: Taiping County,Huangshan,Anhui, China
  • Caffeine : 30~40mg / Cup (~200ml 7oz) - Very Low Caffeined
  • Tea Leaves : Long Slice (about 70~100 mm), Compressed and Flat.
  • Feature : Uniquely smooth floral aroma.
  • Grade: Nanpareil ★★★★★ (Top 1 Quality)
  • Brew Ratio : 1: 40~50
  • Expired Date: 18 Months
  • Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated, No odor, Well-Sealed, Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature;

[Recommendation] Use dry and no peculiar smell container to store the Taiping Houkui at first, Seal the canister,then put the tea in the refrigerator freezer.Refrigeration temperature is below 5 ℃. It's better to drink over within 6 months. 

Taiping Houkui Tea Health Benefits

What is Taiping Kowkui Green Tea ? 

Taiping Houkui is also called "Taiping Kowkui". This is one of the famous Chinese green tea which grown at the foot of Huangshan in the former Taiping country, Anhui. The tea has been produced since the beginning of the 20th century and is produced around the small village of Hou Keng . It won the "King of Tea" award in China Tea Exhibition 2004. 

The best Taiping Houkui is grown in the villages of Houkeng, Hougang and Yanjiachun. Teas produced in the surrounding areas are called by the same name, but cost much less. 

It's renowned for its "two knives and one pole": two straight leaves clasping the enormous bud with white hairs. The oven-made leaves are deep green in color with red veins underneath. The tea shoots can be as long as 15 centimeters. They are plucked from the Shi Da Cha, a large-leaf variety found only in Anhui province. 

Falsification is rampant. Factories can produce symmetrical looking Hou Kui tea that looks even better than the authentic handmade variety.

Health Benefits of Taiping Houkui Tea

The top benefits of Taiping Houhui tea are weight loss management, prevention of cancer, relief from stress and anxiety symptoms, and reduced risk of heart ailments.

Further Research found that the tea plant has low chlorophyll and poly-phenol content (which explains the whitish-green tea leaves) but is very rich in amino acids. It has almost twice the amount comparing to other green teas. Amino acid helps suppress cortisol and reduces stress.

Like other green teas, Houkui also contains oxidants and Tea Polyphenols which can promote to burn belly fat. Tea Polyphenols can help for blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Meanwhile, can lower blood pressure to normal level. Loss weight , prevention of cancer, energizing and reduce risk of heart problems.

Tea polyphenols in Taiping Houkui have strong antioxidation, which can help to delay aging. Catechins can help to inhibit cardiovascular disease.


Taiping Houkui Tea Side Effects

There are not much side effects related with the Taiping Houkui tea but it may sometimes lead to gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, constipation, and stomach problems. In addition, drinking too much tea may lead to nervous system. . Kindly notice that Houkui has the lowest level of caffeine but still can lead to sleep problems if drink it in evening.

FAQs Of Taiping Houkui Tea

Q.1. How do you serve Taiping Houkui tea?
A. Taiping Houkui tea is a special green tea compare with others. To brew this tea, water should be poured earlier than tea leaves.  Boiled water with temperature about 80~85°C (176~185℉) pour into glass cup or Gai Wan.  Then scoop 2~3 g Houkui leaves into cup. For more brew guide ,please refer Brew Guide below.

Q.2. Are pregnant woman allowed to consume Houkui tea?
A. It is not advisable for pregnant women to consume longjing tea. Since the tea contains caffeine, it may lead to birth abnormalities. But since the caffeine content level is very low, so it's allowed to drink a little.

Q.3. What is other name of Taiping Houkui ?
A. People also call it is "Taiping Kowkui" and " Monkey Chief " in Chinese.

Q.4. How many times for steeping Houkui tea ?
A. Houkui tea is not as same as black tea or puer tea which can steep for many time. Usually you should steep not more than 3~4 times and drink within 1 hour.

      Brewing Guide 

      Step 1.  Pre-heat glass cup or Gaiwan with hot water.

      Step 2. Pour boiled water as temperature @ 80~85°C (176~185℉) into cup. Volume about 200ml (7oz).

      Step 3. Scoop 3~4 g Houkui tea leaves and slowly slide into the cup from edge. Make sure the ratio between tea leaves and water is about 1:40~50.

      Step 4.  Steep for about 1~2 minutes then serve as 1st infusion. 

      Step 5.  Steep 3~4 minutes for 3~4th infusion.

      Step 6.  Finish all drink serving within 1 hour.

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