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Premium Organic Dragon Pearl Jasmine Chinese Green Tea

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Specification: ● Origin: Fujian, China ● Tea Type:  Loose Green Tea ● Expired Date:  18 Months (540 days); ● Storage Conditions: Dry,...
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● Origin: Fujian, China
● Tea Type:  Loose Green Tea
● Expired Date:  18 Months (540 days);
● Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated,  No odor,  Well-Sealed,  Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature( Below -10C); 

About Dragon Pearl Jasmine Green Tea  

Dragon Pearl Jasmine tea is a representative of the Jasmine tea, it is both a smell fragrant beverage, and the elegant art.Noble white jasmine flowers, fragrance, almost spit buds, heat at night put incense, fragrant flowers.Tea can be full of flowers, absorption by tea.As long as a cup of jasmine tea, can enjoy the fragrance of jasmine.
Dragon ball jasmine Tea has Round shape, pekoe revealed, like pearls;Smell fresh lovely, thick and durable;Tang yellow green and bright, taste fresh lovely.Brew a cup of sweet sweet jasmine tea, only need a few enough!  
Jasmine dragon with processed dried tea leaves, blended with jasmine flowers in bud will matter as the reprocessing of tea, the color, aroma, taste, shape and the types of tea, the quality and the quality of the flowers have a close relationship.Bulk jasmine tea with baked green tea as the main raw material, generally referred to as the jasmine baked green.Common feature is;Shape of the cable tight fine even, colour and lustre is black, brown oil moisten, fresh lovely lasting aroma, taste mellow fresh, tang yellow, green, bright, tender and soft leaves.
Brewing  Guide
Pick up 1 spoon of  Dragon Pearl Jasmine  green tea (About 4-6g) and threw into Glass Tea Cup (or Gai Wan) about 150-200ml. Pour  water (80–85 °C (176–185 °F)) and brewing about 3-7 minutes.
Normally pour away the 1st steep , and drinking from the 2nd steep.  it's better to drink over all this tea in 30-60 minutes. 
If you use glass tea-ware to brew this tea, you can see the tea leaves shown straight literally. And leaves will blooming along with  water steeping.
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