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Natural Organic Hojicha Japanese Roasted Green Tea

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Specification: ● Origin: Hangzhou,Zhejiang, China ● Tea Type:  Loose Green Tea ● Expired Date:  18 Months (540 days); ● Storage Conditions: Dry,...
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● Origin: Hangzhou,Zhejiang, China
● Tea Type:  Loose Green Tea
● Expired Date:  18 Months (540 days);
● Storage Conditions: Dry, Refrigerated,  No odor,  Well-Sealed,  Sunshine Shielded, Low Temperature( Below -10C); 

About Hojicha Green Tea 

Houjicha is a Japanese green tea that is distinguished from others because it is roasted in a porcelain pot over charcoal while Japanese tea is usually steamed. The tea is fired at high temperature, altering the leaf colour tints from green to reddish-brown. The process was first performed in Kyoto, Japan in the 1920s and its popularity persists today.
Houjicha infusions have a light- to reddish-brown appearance, and are less astringent due to losing catechins during the high temperature roasting process. The roasted flavours are extracted and predominate this blend: the roasting replaces the vegetative tones of standard green tea with a toasty, slightly caramel-like flavour. The roasting process used to make Houjicha lowers the amount of caffeine in the tea. Because of its mildness, Houjicha is a popular tea to serve during the meal or after the evening meal before going to sleep and even preferred for children and elderly.
Houjicha is often made from bancha tea from the last harvest of the season, however our organic quality Hojicha is a mix of bancha and sencha, tea made from the twigs of the tea plant rather than the leaves. Our hojicha is roasted fresh as noted by it's outstanding aroma. This brews into a clean, amber liquor with a warm nutty aroma. It has deep earthy notes balanced by a sort of sweet aroma. It is a good choice for those who do not like the grassy, vegetable taste of other green teas. It's both soothing to drink this on cold winter days and refreshing to drink it iced.
Pick up 1 spoon of Hojicha  green tea (About 3-6g) and threw into Glass Tea Cup (or Gai Wan) about 150-200ml. Pour  water (90–100 °C ) and brewing about 2-4 minutes. It's better to preheat the teapot and cups before brewing this tea.
Normally pour away the 1st steep , and drinking from the 2nd steep.  it's better to drink over all this tea in 30-60 minutes. 
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